so many RNA members looking forward to the first Romance in the Court event on 26th
May the RNA blog took the opportunity to chat with David Headley, owner of
Goldsboro Books.
you for agreeing to answer our questions. Our members are excited about the first

David Headley & Katie Fforde

‘Romance in the Court’. What made you decide to hold this event?

We wanted to hold an event
that would compliment our existing events such as Crime in the Court and
History in the Court. Romance in the Court is borne out of our desire to
support women’s fiction and to raise the profile of the brilliant authors who
write in this genre. It’s also a way of saying thanks to both the wonderful
writers who support Goldsboro and our loyal customers. 
you tell us what ticket holders can expect from the event?
Anyone who has been to a party
at Goldsboro will know that we love hosting parties. We make the evening a
relaxed and fun event where writers can meet readers in a relaxed and friendly
atmosphere whilst sipping lovely wine. It really is an evening of celebration.
have a wonderful list of authors in attendance. Will attendees be able to
purchase their books?
Yes, all of the featured
authors will have their most recently published books for sale.
did you select the listed authors?
Their publishers invited
authors who are attending. We asked each publisher to recommend a handful of
authors that they felt most suited to the event.
you held reader events for other genres?
Yes, every year for the last
five years we have hosted Crime in the Court; History in the Court &
Fantasy in the Court. They are hugely popular events with up to 500 people
descending on Cecil Court. Both authors and readers love these evenings of
you tell us something about your bookshop?
Goldsboro Books is 17 years
old. Daniel and I established Goldsboro Books in 1999 in our sitting room in
Newbury, originally as an online bookseller. This soon grew and within 18
months we opened our first shop in Cecil Court. We now have three shops in
Cecil Court and are one of the leading independent booksellers in the UK. We specialize
in signed first editions and nearly every day we have an author visiting to
sign their books.
is your working day like? How do you split yourself between being a literary agent
and owner of a well-known bookshop?
I am a bookseller. That is how
I see myself. I run both companies but the two go hand in hand. I am very organised
and manage my time effectively so that each company gets the very best time
from me. My colleagues are very talented people and all of them help enormously
and without them I couldn’t do it. I have also established a third company,
Bookman and Black, which will launch in Autumn this year. It is an online
bookshop that will provide readers with an alternative
online shopping experience with all the joy and magic of browsing a physical
bookshop, offering the

An earlier event

knowledge and expertise of the professional bookseller.
It is a very different model to any online bookshop
currently operating.

you aren’t working how do you enjoy your leisure time? Do you have any hobbies?
I love reading in my spare
time, obviously. It is a way I relax as well as keeping up-to-date with what
books are being published. I also love going to the gym and walking with my
partner and our dogs.

you, David. We hope that Romance in the Court will be the first of many events
our members can attend to meet fellow authors.
Romance in the Court will be
held on 26th May 6 – 9 PM.
For further details visit the Romance in the Court website
Featured authors include:
Henry,  Katie Fforde,  Janie Millman,  Judy Astley, 
Wake, Jo Thomas, 
Vanessa Greene, Virginia Macgregor, Sarra
Manning, Lisa Dickenson, Emma Fraser, 
Sue Watson, Fiona
Field, Tasmina Perry, Carole Matthews, Hilary Boyd, 
Cate Woods, Natalie Meg Evans, Stella Newman, Rowan
Coleman, Cathy Bramley, 
Fanny Blake, Liz Fenwick, Victoria
Walters, Stephanie Butland, Catherine Law, 
Sarah Long, Holly
Martin, Eileen Ramsey, Madeleine Reiss, Julie Cohen, 
Sareeta Domingo, Fionnuala Kearney, Sarah Vaughan, Freya
North, Isabelle Broom, 
Rachael Lucas, Alex Brown, Eva
Nicola Cornick, Jodi Ellen Malpas, 
Cathy Woodman, Harriet
Evans, Louise Lee, Gill Paul

  1. Author
    Julie Vince 2 years ago

    That's a lovely blog, Elaine and David. Goldsboro Books is an amazing place and I'm sure the Romance in the Court event will be enjoyed by many, sending really good wishes for a successful evening.

  2. Author
    Elaine Everest 2 years ago

    I'm very much looking forward to attending.

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