are thrilled to again be hosting the contenders for the 2017 Joan Hessayon
Award. Leading up to the Summer Party and announcement of the award we will be
getting to know all eleven authors.
to the RNS blog, Lynda, and congratulations on being one of the contenders for
this year’s award.
long have you been writing? Is this your first published piece?
I’ve been writing all my life.
When I was 14, my English teacher advised me to go into a writing

career, but
after visiting the career’s advice officer he told me that I’d be better off
trying to get a job in Boots on the makeup counter. And although I loved
writing, I did just that. I left school and went to work in shops, I trained in
nursing and eventually I ended up back in sales. Throughout all that time, I
kept writing. I had one or two articles published in magazines, but then in
2015 I entered the Choc Lit search for a star competition, with this novel. I
won the competition and my novel, House of Secrets was published in July 2016.

many years were you a member of the NWS and did you submit a manuscript each
I was a member of the NWS for
two years. And yes, I did submit House of Secrets to them.
came first, agent or publisher?
To be honest, both. Almost at
the same time Choc Lit offered to publish me and an agent offered to represent
me. I made the decision at that time not to sign with an agent and to take the
offer of a contract with Choc Lit.
did you find your publisher?
I’d always known of Choc Lit
and to be honest, I’d always aspired to be a part of their team after meeting
the lovely, Lyn Vernham at the Festival of Romance. We were sat on the same
table, she was lovely and I met her on a 1-1 the following year at the RNA
you have a contract for one book or more?
I have contracts in place for
two more books. Tell me no Secrets, which was released on 11th April
2017 and for Twisted Secrets which is due out early in 2018. I may also have
the offer of a contract in principal for a sequel to House of Secrets. But,
that is still unconfirmed.
was your book published?
In July 2016.
us something about your book

My book came to life for me
after visiting Wrea Head Hall, a country house hotel in Scarborough. The
history seeped out of the walls and I just knew it had a tale to tell. I got to
know the owners, asked their permission to use it as a backdrop and House of
Secrets was born. Of course, for research purposes I go back and stay the night
whenever I get the opportunity. It’d be rude not to… wouldn’t it??

are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on a
sequel to House of Secrets. It’s been requested by readers so many times and
although I’d not intended to write a sequel, I’m really enjoying doing it.
piece of advice would you give current members of the NWS?
Keep writing, don’t stop and take
the NWS advice. The authors who offer this service are amazing, they have a
wealth of knowledge, so take it while you can. I loved being a part of this
scheme and will always be grateful to the ladies who offered me advice.
Twitter: @Lyndastacey
you, Lynda. Congratulations again on graduating the New Writers’ Scheme and I
hop you enjoy the Summer Party.

  1. Author
    Kim Elizabeth Lain 11 months ago

    Well done Lynda. You must be thrilled x

  2. Author
    Lizzie Lamb 11 months ago

    Congratulations from the Belmont Belles ❤️

  3. Author
    April Hardy 11 months ago

    Those RNA conference 1-1s are invaluable, aren't they, Linda!
    Looking forward to meeting you in person at the party next month 🙂

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