About Romantic Fiction

Romance is everywhere in fiction. From stories that focus entirely on the developing relationship between two people, to fiction that shows a budding romance as one part of the hero or heroine’s journey, and into books that focus on long-standing relationships weathering storms – romantic fiction is a publishing powerhouse that reaches millions of readers every year.

Romantic fiction can offer escape from the harder moments in life, and hope for a brighter tomorrow. It can reflect our own relationships back to us, and challenge our pre-conceptions about what love looks like. It could be boy meets girl, girl meets girl, or boy meets alien – romantic fiction explores and celebrates love in all its messy, unexpected, improbable, imperfection.

In the UK, in the first half of 2017, a romantic novel was purchased every two seconds. That’s a lot of talented writers and a lot of enthusiastic readers. The RNA supports authorship of romantic fiction and aims to raise the prestige of the genre, celebrating the joy and fulfilment that romantic fiction brings to readers in the UK and around the world.

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