• This is my last Hints & Tips (obviously a lot of us have time pressures and other commitments at the moment) so I’d like to start off by thanking the RNA for letting me write this column over the past couple of

  • This month’s hints & tips is about verbal self-defence, about what to do when someone asks what you do and you tell them the truth (‘I write romance’), which can take nerve since we all know the kind of looks

  • Happy 2020!  The New Writers Scheme is now full and about to open for manuscript submissions so this month’s Hints & Tips is a special one for NWS writers and those who might be thinking of joining in the f

  • For the last Hints & Tips blog of the year I’m going with some classic advice – to read. I know it’s kind of a cliché, but I really and truly believe it’s the best way to learn how to write. Whenever I get

  • Jenny Bourne wrote a new post 4 years ago

    Because I’ve managed to overwhelm myself again, this month’s Hints & Tips is a guest post on a subject we can probably all relate to by RoNA nominated historical romance author, Virginia Heath!

  • If I’m going to be honest about writing, I have to admit that last month wasn’t much fun for me. Coming up to a deadline, I felt as though I spent  every waking minute at my keyboard. I lost weight despite all

  • Welcome back! After the last blog a reader asked what writing courses/workshops were available specifically for writing romance so this month we’ve compiled a helpful list. Whilst the RNA cannot recommend or

  • Hi Louise, I can’t think of any courses that are specifically for Mills & Boon off the top of my head, but that’s a great question. I’ll do some research about writing courses in general and make it the subject of

  • There are a few publishers who ask for 50,000 words so that might be perfect! Otherwise, keep editing and see if there are other details/descriptions that might enhance your story. I struggle with this too, but

  • This month’s hints and tips is about the part of the editing process I hate most: deleting words! Personally I think writers can be divided into two categories – and it’s not early birds versus night owls or

  • This month’s Hints & Tips is about the scariest of all scary subjects for an author – reviews! As a new writer these are particularly stressful, whether it’s a critique by a writing partner, comments from your

  • Last weekend I went to the Author North: Writing Romantic Fiction event in Leeds (#SoAWritingRomance), which got me out of my writing cave, gave me the chance to catch up/moan/laugh with writer friends and btw

    HEY YOU! Why are you reading this? You’re not a real writer. Why would you even look at this? Go away!!!
    Okay, so PLEASE ignore that and come back! Because this month’s Hints & Tips is about dealing with

  • This month’s hints & tips is about a subject every aspiring romance writer needs to consider at some point – whether or not to write love scenes.
    Recently a few authors have been accused of not writing romance

  • I often feel like a fraud writing this blog, mainly because the title implies I know what I’m doing, so this month I thought I’d do a round-up of some of the best books about writing by people who genuinely know

  • So we all know that writing is basically a repetitive cycle of optimism and self-loathing (and by the way, happy new year!) but now that the holidays are over we’re probably all facing the same problem of getting

  • Recently I was chatting with a friend about keeping a writing journal. I’ve never been disciplined or practical enough to keep any kind of diary, but she made it sound so liberating and inspiring that I thought I

  • Jenny Bourne wrote a new post 5 years ago

    Most of you probably already know that November is Nanowrimo aka National Writing Month, when people all over the world set themselves a target of 50,000 words (1667 per day for 30 days) from 1st November to

  • This month we have another guest post by Mills & Boon author Catherine Tinley, who won the RITA for her very first book – so we can assume she knows what she’s doing! Enjoy her hints & tips and have a great month,

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