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  • 1st September 2023 to 30th September 2023
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A Series Bestseller’s Guide To Writing A Series with Jessica Redland


1st September 2023 to 30th September 2023
1st September 2023




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A Series Bestseller’s Guide To Writing A Series with Jessica Redland


1st September 2023 to 30th September 2023
1st September 2023


A Series Bestseller’s Guide To Writing A Series with Jessica Redland

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Ticket costs: £75–150

About this event

Learn how to write a novel or series of books with Jessica Redland, international bestselling contemporary romance author, who has created a number of beloved series including the ‘Hedgehog Hollow’ series and the ‘Starfish Cafe’ series.

Are you writing or would you be interested in writing a series of books? Would you like to understand how an international bestselling contemporary romance author has done that several times over? If so, then this is the ideal course for you.

Across four live one-hour interactive sessions, Jessica Redland, will draw on her experience of writing several series. Students will explore the key questions an author needs to ask themselves before embarking on writing a series and the benefits and challenges in writing a series. The live sessions will be supported by course materials and discussion forums on the Moodle learning platform.

Referencing her own stories as well as other books, films and TV series, Jessica will explore the different structures for a series and key decisions around characterisation, setting, conflict, themes, and plot.

You will leave the course having discussed the key factors needed to create a successful series; something you’ll already have started with the practical exercises throughout the course.The course is held on-line and you can study in your own time during the month of the course. Any live events will be recorded for those unable to attend.

This course has a limited number of tickets.

About RNA Learning courses:

RNA Learning is the education division of the Romantic Novelists’ Association. Establishing an online learning programme has been a great success for the Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) and attendees alike. We are now entering our third year of courses that suit members and non-members at all stages of their writing careers. We offer a balanced, exciting schedule covering such topics as marketing, publishing, editing and all aspects of romance writing. Our experienced tutors are either published novelists or experts from the business side of the writing world. Courses are open to both RNA members and non-members. You don’t need any special technology or computer skills to join in. The courses will be run via the RNA’s online learning portal, using Moodle, a standard teaching tool used in many colleges and universities. Workshops, masterclasses and events will be delivered via Zoom or YouTube. RNA Learning courses, workshops, masterclasses and events are delivered flexibly so that students can download and work at their own pace and around any other commitments they may have, for the duration of the course. Many tutors do have live sessions, but they are recorded so that students who are not able to attend can watch at a more convenient time. Please note that all course information, documentation, recordings etc will only be accessible for the duration of the course. All courses are taught in English.

RNA Learning Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy: The Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) Terms and Conditions are as follows: The RNA reserves the right to cancel any workshop or event. In the event of cancellation by the RNA a refund will be given otherwise the RNA does not offer refunds. Participant data will be kept confidential except for sharing with necessary third parties as required. Participants should adhere to privacy and confidentiality during our programmes and workshops/events and may not share, publish, or refer to any manuscripts, discussions, comments, works, materials (in any media) used or referred to during the workshop/event, unless by prior permission of either the course tutor or the RNA, as applicable. Copyright of all course materials belongs to the course tutor. The course materials for the workshops/events will only be available for the duration of the course unless otherwise expressly stated. The RNA records all live events and holds the copyright of such events. If you do not wish to participate in a recording please turn off your video and microphone. Participants must be of the applicable legal age to enter into a formal paid contract with the RNA. All participants must adhere to the values of the RNA and accord with the RNA’s standards of conduct relating to equality, inclusion and diversity. Further information can be found at: https://romanticnovelistsassociation.org

Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

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