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  • 15th July 2021 to 17th July 2021
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RNA Virtual Mini Conference – 2021


15th July 2021 to 17th July 2021
15th July 2021



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RNA Virtual Mini Conference – 2021


15th July 2021 to 17th July 2021
15th July 2021


RNA Virtual Mini Conference – 2021

Since we can’t have our annual conference because of Covid 19 (AGAIN!), we’re having the conference as a virtual event again. It won’t be the same as a normal conference but there will be fantastic talks, a live pitching session and opportunities for one-to-ones with leading agents and editors.

The conference will run from the evening of Thursday 15th of July until the end of Saturday 17th of July, with the majority of talks taking place on the the 17th of July.  The full schedule details will be available soon, and registration for our virtual mini-conference is open.

The fee for our virtual mini-conference will be £35 for RNA members and £50 for non-members, and you will get access to the opportunity to apply for up to three virtual one to ones and access to all our Saturday talks and workshops.

If you’re an RNA member, remember you get a 10% discount off the Virtual Writers’ Weekend this month. And if  you’re already booked for the Writers’ Weekend, make sure you use your code for a 10% discount off the RNA online conference!




THURSDAY July 15th 2021

15:00 Practice Makes Pitch Perfect

Ever wanted to give your elevator pitch a pain free trial run in front of industry professionals? Now’s your chance to not only pitch live to three agents, but to receive immediate feedback and tips on how to truly captivate. 

Join Blake Friedmann Agency’s Juliet Pickering, Kate Burke and Sian Ellis-Martin to fine tune your pitch so that when we are finally allowed back in elevators, you are ready to go!

To participate, please email Sheila Crighton ( Approximately ten people will be chosen for this fascinating, live session. To see bios of the agents, please click here


FRIDAY July 16th 2021

10:00 – 12:00 One-to-Ones*

12:00 (noon)  AGM

14:00 – 16:00 One-to-Ones* 

*Ten minute online one-to-one feedback sessions with a variety of industry professionals. Get feedback on your submission from agents and editors. If you’re indie publishing, get feedback on your cover and blurb in the indie publishing cover and blurb clinic.

To see the list of agents and editors and indie professionals, click here. Note that one to one bookings do not start until the 7th of June.


SATURDAY July 17th (2021)  – CONFERENCE TALKS. All talks will be online, via Zoom.

09.30 Building Writer’s Resilience      Dinah Jefferies & Nicola Cornick

As writers we’re often plagued by self-doubt, lack of confidence, and imposter syndrome, but we have to learn to develop resilience. Writing and publishing can feel like being on a roller coaster of ups and downs, of wins and losses, so how do we recover from, or successfully adapt without caving in? How do we bend rather than break? 


10.45 An A – Z of Agenting      Felicity Trew (Caroline Sheldon Agency)  

Felicity will run a comprehensive two part workshop on a day in the life of a literary agent and how you can hook one. This fun, inspiring and practical workshop covers what a literary agent does, how to write a great submission letter and make sure agents want to open your manuscript. The submissions letter is the first example of your writing an agent will ever read, so getting it right is make or break. From dissecting the DNA of the perfect letter to analysing examples of the good, the bad and the ugly, this session will help you perfect the tricky art of pitching yourself and your work. 


Noon The Proposal: Structuring Your Rom Com to Create Movie Magic      Marie Macneill  

Have you ever thought that your novel could be written for the big screen? Screenwriter and Senior Lecturer at Falmouth University’s School of Film & Television, Marie Macneill, takes you on a romp through the 317m dollars box office hit and discovers the plot points, beats and twists that took cinemas by storm.


14.00 Anatomy of a Scene      Fiona Lucas

What exactly is a scene? And how do you make sure every scene packs a punch, earning a place in your novel? In this session, Fiona Lucas will be stripping this vital building block of fiction down to its bare bones. Learn how to revive a scene that is flatlining and how to make sure it will end on a hook that will keep readers turning pages!


15:15 Digital Publishing: The Five Ws      Rhea Kurien

If you’ve heard about Digital publishing but aren’t quite sure what it is, why it’s a thing or how it might work for you if you’re already a published author, please join Rhea Kurien, Editorial Director at Orion Dash. She will explain exactly how digital publishing works as well as sharing a few tips and tricks on how to make publishing work for you whether you are new on the scene or a seasoned author.


16.30 CONFERENCE HIGHLIGHT: Beverly Jenkins: Interviewed by Dorothy Koomson 

Two writing powerhouses: One mustn’t miss conversation. Join us as Dorothy Koomson interviews writing legend Beverly Jenkins for her podcast The Happy Author.

Download speaker bios – click here. 

Booking opens w/c 17th of May.

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