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Are you a romance reader?

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Becoming a reader and judge for the RNA

Thank you so much for considering becoming a reader and judge for the Romantic Novelists Association. Readers are at the heart of our awards and we really couldn’t run them without you.
Being a reader and judge for the RNA means just that: reading and judging! Once you have successfully registered with us, you will be sent an email link to set up your account. Once your account is set up we can then start sending you books. The books will be in PDF form and will remain yours to download and keep even after the judging process is complete. You will receive an initial allocation of three books. After you have read each book, we ask that you score and judge them according to the framework we provide (this will be found in your account and is very easy to follow). We kindly ask that you read and score your allocation of books within a four week time period.
Once you have completed your allocation of books you can ask to receive more, if more remain available. If for any reason you cannot finish a book, we ask that you inform us in a timely manner so that we may reallocate that book elsewhere.
The Romantic Novelists Association takes privacy seriously and will never share your details knowingly with any third party. All our held data will be subject to review on a biannual basis.
In volunteering to act as a judge for the Romantic Novelists Association, you permit to your details being held by our organisation, and understand that those details will be held for the duration of your services with them. Consent may be withdrawn at any point through written notice.
We’re so glad to have you on board, and hope you will enjoy reading and judging for the RNA. We want our awards to reflect the best of romance, and our readers, through their time, effort, love for the genre and dedication, help us to achieve that aim.
Please note that RNA members (including NWS) cannot be judges for the RoNA awards. 

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