Formal Complaint Form
Your name: (please use the name that you have registered with the RNA as a member/volunteer)
Your name: (please use the name that you have registered with the RNA as a member/volunteer)
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Please indicate which of the RNA’s Policies or Procedures that you believe have been breached, if applicable, and briefly state why. (e.g. Code of Conduct, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy)
If you believe that legislation has been breached (e.g. Equality Act 2010) please state the legislation and briefly state why you believe it has been breached.
If you are complaining about a specific individual or individuals, please provide the full name(s) and membership status of the individual(s) (if known).
Please provide full details of your complaint, including: any evidence that you are able to provide to support your complaint, the date and location that the incident(s) occurred, the name(s) and contact details of any witnesses who will be willing to give evidence in support of your complaint, any supporting documentation or material evidence. If you would prefer to attach this information as a separate document, email this to:
Please note that the RNA takes all complaints very seriously. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint within ten working days. The RNA deals with complaints in the strictest confidence and we expect that complainants will also maintain strictest confidentiality and under no circumstances refer to any element of their complaint on social media.
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