Creating Character Conflict, Chemistry & Superb Sensuality


With Liam Livings and Virginia Heath

This course will run in March 2021.

Ever wondered what editors/publishers mean when they ask for heightened emotional or inner conflict? Are you struggling to believably create it, sustain it and make it work alongside your plot? Are you struggling to create palpable chemistry between your leads or shying away from writing sensual scenes? Are you concerned the chemistry you’ve created won’t go the distance? Or are you worried all the sizzle will fizzle as soon as you’ve thrown your couple into bed together? Then fear not, irrespective of the heat level you write, Liam and Virginia will teach you how to get all the emotional conflict, chemistry and sensuality right.

In this interactive and hands-on course, they have enlisted the faithful Fanny and Roger, the hapless romantic leads at many a Liam and Virginia RNA Conference workshop, to show you how to write those scenes without it feeling like it’s just been inserted into the text because you figured you had to have some sex in your story, or so mechanical and descriptive it feels like you are stuffing a turkey!

Real People Write Books is a combination of ex-teacher, Virginia Health and Liam Livings who has a masters degree in Creative Writing. They have almost 45 published romantic fiction books under their belts and three Romantic Novel of the Year nominations between them. They have taught writing workshops on a variety of topics since 2016, and passionately believe in learning by doing. If you’re struggling to find the wood from the trees in online writing advice, they promise jargon-free and activity-led learning in an entertaining way. They use a variety of techniques to illustrate their points and cater to all learning styles— including discussion, written materials, film extracts, music, reusable takeaway resources and engaging hands-on activities to embed the learning.

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With Liam Livings and Virginia Heath

This course will run in March 2021.

For any fictional romance to be an exciting read, the pages need to be packed with conflict, chemistry and the promise of sensuality if only your main protagonists would behave! But how do you achieve those things in a way which feels natural, believable, and palpable within your plot so that it encourages your readers to care enough to keep turning the page?

This course is designed to guide you through it all using practical examples and learning by doing. We will start by dissecting conflict – what is it? How does it work? And how to create it seamlessly within your characters and plot. Then we will look at how you can use all that emotion in your writing to create chemistry and build the essential Will They/Won’t They which is at the heart of every great romance.

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