Adrienne Chinn


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Adrienne Chinn was born in Grand Falls, Newfoundland, grew up in Quebec and eventually made her way to London, England after a career as a journalist. In England, she worked as a TV and film researcher before embarking on a career as an interior designer, design lecturer in the UK and China, and writer. She joined the RNA in 2019.

Her debut novel, The Lost Letter From Morocco, a timeslip love story set in the mountains and deserts of Morocco, was published by Avon UK in 2019. Her second novel, The English Wife — a timeslip story about English war bride, Ellie, and her estranged niece, Sophie, set in World War II England and contemporary Newfoundland – was published by One More Chapter in 2020.

When not up a ladder or at the computer, Adrienne can usually be found rummaging through flea markets, puttering in her garden, or haggling in the Marrakech souk.

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