Amanda Ward


Facebook:  AmandaAJWard

Twitter:  @Augustmum


Born in 1971 and raised in Bexleyheath Kent,  she lives in Bedfordshire with her husband Matt, three children and two rather mad moggies.

A proud member of the Romance Novelist’s Association, she is an author with Books To Go Now Publishing and Hot Ink Press (CHBB Publishing).

Amanda specifically writes romance with the hero and heroine in their forties and fifties and more often with a quirky twist added to the tale.  Her books are available in print and e-format from Amazon and other reputable retailers.

A fountain of useless knowledge about the Royal Families of Europe and history in General, Amanda’s bookshelves are packed to the brim with romances and historical biographies much to the despair of her husband.

As a self confessed addict of Doris Day, Amanda can often be found in the quietness of the mid-morning snuggled up on the sofa watching one of her many dvds with a pot of tea, digestive biscuits and custard creams.

Amanda also has more than a slight fondness for The Big Bang Theory, Gilmore Girls, Charmed, The Waltons and Science Fiction not forgetting Dr Who!

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