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I have seven children and step children and I live at Burnt Norton, a Cotswold house made famous by TS Eliot in the first of the Four Quartets.

When my father died, I did something impetuous but deeply rewarding, I bought a house in the heart of the Italian countryside. The house has a diverse and rich history, intriguing to a storyteller. When I heard of the adventures and struggles my new friend’s families had experienced first-hand during the war, I wanted to tell their incredible story.

If I hadn’t learnt Italian (admittedly to a very poor standard) they would never have imparted these small private gems, and I am eternally grateful to have learnt about the ghosts from the past and the people who inhabited the house and roamed the hills around me. Though of course their stories are fictionalised I hope that in “An Italian Affair,’ published in March 2019, I have done them justice.

A second novel ‘The Promise’ has been commissioned by Orion and comes out in 2020.

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