Deborah Burrows


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Twitter: @BurrowsDeborah

I was born and grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and am the author of five popular novels set in the Second World War. The latest is Ambulance Girls Under Fire, which is the second of a trilogy set in the London Blitz. And my non-fiction “Nursing in Australia: The Illustrated History” will be published by the National Library of Australia in November 2018.

I am a former lawyer with a passion for history (and three history degrees to prove it!!). And although I love the clear skies, beautiful beaches and easy-going atmosphere of my home town, I also adore the dreaming spires of Oxford, UK, where I read medical history. 

I now see myself as a proud citizen of both cities, but for the time being am living in Oxford (although I go to Perth as often as I can).

I use my research and legal skills to make my historical novels as accurate as possible, and my imagination to make them as entertaining as I can.

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