Dilys J Carnie

Website: www.dilysjcarnie.com

Facebook:  dilysj.carnie.

Twitter:  @dilysjcarnie

Instagram:  @dilys_jane

I live in a small village along the coast of Wales, and my office overlooks one of the picturesque beaches that Wales is famous for. I’ve always had a love of writing, but my spelling is well let’s just say it’s bad. Now I love my laptop which corrects it automatically, hallelujah!

Contemporary romance is what I love to write, sometimes with a little suspense thrown in.

Although I would be the first to agree with my daughter’s analogy that I’m as scatty as my lovely cat Molly. Getting lost, trying to board the wrong flights and losing my luggage are just a few of the many mishaps that seem to happen to me. Rambling away in an old cottage with just my cat for company, I can be seen at my desk typing away as quickly as my fingers will allow, helping my characters to come alive.

I am the oldest of three sisters, and they would probably agree that I can be just a little bossy…okay, a lot bossy! My family is so important to me, and living in proximity of each other means that myself and my sisters meet up frequently for sneaky lunches where a glass or two of chardonnay is absolutely on the menu.

Blessed with a daughter who is a teacher, and a son who works in the family business, life is good.

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