Francesca Capaldi


Facebook:  FrancescaCapaldiAuthor

Twitter:  @fcapaldiburgess

Instagram:  @francesca.capaldi.burgess

Francesca has enjoyed writing since she was a child, largely influenced by a Welsh mother who was good at improvised storytelling. A history graduate and qualified teacher, she decided to turn her writing hobby into a career in 2006 when she joined a writing class.

Writing as both Francesca Capaldi and Francesca Burgess, she has had numerous short stories published in magazines in the UK and abroad and in anthologies. She’s also been placed or shortlisted in a dozen national writing competitions. She graduated the New Writers’ Scheme in 2019 with the pocket novel, Danger for Daisy, and has since had two further novels published by DC Thomson.

In 2019 she had a one-to-one at the RNA conference which led to a contract for two World War 1 Sagas set in Wales with Hera Books. Heartbreak in the Valleys was published in June 2020, with the follow up due out autumn 2020.

Francesca was born and brought up in Sussex but currently lives in Kent with her family and a cat called Lando Calrission.



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