Gill Buchanan


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Twitter:  @Gill_Buchanan

Instagram:  @gillbuchananauthor

I started my career living in London armed with a Business Studies degree and ended up working in Marketing in various diverse sectors but mainly financial companies. Highlights included Friends Reunited (remember them?) and my favourite job of all: The Caravan Club.

After that, I ran my own social events business for five years and by then I had started creative writing as a hobby and was lucky enough to fall in with a group of writers. I decided to follow my heart and focus on writing women’s fiction – something which brings me joy.

My books are very much an entertaining read. I choose storylines which are both poignant and humorous to my readers, leaving them with a feel-good factor.

I got married late in life, with cries of ‘about time too’ around me. I suppose getting married and having kids was never one of my ambitions. I’ve always been a bit different and I’m happy about that.

My main characters have always lived a little and experienced the ups and downs of life much like myself. Of the novels that are published to date, there is one exception to the rule, The Disenchanted Hero, which I wrote when having delved back into my husband’s family history, I realised that there was an interesting tale to tell.


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