Gill Paul


Facebook:  GillPaulAuthor

Twitter:  @GillPaulAUTHOR

Instagram:  @gill.paul1

Gill Paul writes historical fiction, including The Lost Daughter (set in Stalinist Russia and Sydney), Another Woman’s Husband (about Wallis Simpson and Princess Diana), The Secret Wife (about the Romanovs), No Place for a Lady (set during the Crimean War), Women and Children First (set on the Titanic) and The Affair (set in 1960s Rome during the making of the Burton-Taylor Cleopatra film).

She also writes non-fiction, including A History of Medicine in 50 Objects and a historical Love Stories series. And she writes on nutrition and health, after studying to be a doctor then changing her mind…

Gill lives in London and swims in an outdoor pond all year round.

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