Gwen Kirkwood


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When I began writing I had never heard of the RNA. I did not know any other writers and home computers were rare, so no internet. I am in the middle of my thirtieth novel and thankful for modern inventions as I was not a typist and interaction with other writers is invaluable. My sagas are available as audio books, large print and hardback as well as e-books. You can read more, and see my books on my web site.

I have lived most of my adult life in the south of Scotland after I met and married my late husband – a Scottish Dairy Farmer. We have three children and five living grandchildren.

Most of my stories have a background of farming and country life, some in series moving through the generations. I like to include history and changing customs according to the period. My family are farmers and I elected to go to agricultural college where I gained a National Diploma in Dairying, albeit against the counselling of my teachers and my mother’s wishes. I have no regrets, but I realise now I was fortunate to have a broad-based education at grammar school in Yorkshire, including Latin, French and English Literature, as well as the sciences I needed for agriculture where chemistry and bacteriology proved essential. I inherited my mother’s love of reading and I am sorry she did not live to see my first book published.

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