Jacqui Burns

Website: annaandjacquiburns.com

Facebook: jacqui burns

Twitter: @burns1jacqui

Instagram: @annakatieburns

I’m a teacher and I’ve always loved writing. I completed a master’s degree in creative writing in 2008, and being published is a lifelong dream. My first novel is being published by Honno on the 15th July, 2021 – ‘Love at Café Lompar.’

I write as part of a mother and daughter writing team and we wrote this novel during the first lockdown in 2020. My daughter is a doctor, a trainee psychiatrist, and she is very busy, but loves writing too.

We visited Montenegro on a cruise in 2019 and we were both so captivated by the scenery that we that we decided to set our novel there. We wrote from two narrative viewpoints, mother and daughter, who find out after the death of their beloved husband and father, he has another family in Montenegro. They decide to visit Montenegro to find the other family and soon become embroiled in their lives and the restaurant they run. I would write one chapter and then email it to my daughter and we would chat about it before she would tackle the next chapter. The novel seemed to take on a life of its own. It’s about love, family and food and is a ‘feelgood’ escapist read. We’re writing the second novel at the moment.

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