Jane Bwye

Website: janebwye.com

Facebook: JLBwye

Twitter:  @jbwye

Instagram: @janebwye


I lived in Kenya for over half a century, where I was an intermittent freelance journalist, business owner and teacher. My first novel, Breath of Africa, was nominated for the Guardian First Book Award, 2013. It draws on my experiences growing up in the country I still call my home.

Grass Shoots is the sequel to Breath of Africa and brings Kenya’s story up to present times. It is published by Crooked Cat Books in 2017. Going It Alone, a non-fiction work, is also published by Crooked Cat in 2018.

I have been a world traveller, buying a bird book in every country I visit. Now retired in the UK, I am a volunteer business start-up mentor, I give talks, and indulge my love for playing bridge, judging dressage, and watching tennis


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