Jill McDonald-Constable

Website: womanwholeads.webs.com

Facebook: jill.mcdonaldconstable

Twitter: @jillmcdc

Instagram: @mcdeacon

Jill McDonald-Constable, the first British author signed by Prairie Rose Publications, writes under the pen name Gill MacDonald.

Born in Liverpool, Jill has the quirky sense of humour peculiar to the area. It’s exactly that odd sense of humour that has kept her going through some very dark times. Her favourite saying is “Don’t worry; be happy.” She tries!

The writing bug struck Jill in her early teens. She knew she was going to be a writer and have her name on real books one day. For many years she sent articles, poems, short stories, and novels to a variety of places.

Returning to education Jill gained a Counselling Certificate, a B.A. with honours in Cultural Studies, and later a Masters Degree in Writing Studies.

In 2011, Jill woke from a vivid dream, with a title and story playing in her head. She wrote the story within six months and sent it to Robert Hale Ltd. in London, using the name Amos Carr. With a few tweaks, The Ghosts of Poynter was published in June 2012, and she had her name on a real book!

After three books with Robert Hale, Jill found herself at Prairie Rose Publications, where she has had a further nine books published. She originally tried to hold back on the romance, but the ladies at Prairie Rose encouraged her to add more. Shucks! Guess she’s stuck with the hearts and flowers, then.


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