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Hello! I’m Joanna (aka Jo/Josie) and I’m a busy mum to three gorgeous girls juggling the school run with a full-time career as a novelist. I live half my life in a fantasy world of high drama and half in Brighton with my husband, Emlyn Rees.

I like to write the kind of books I’ve always loved to read – high octane dramas with plot twists at every turn.  From the very start, my aim has been to grow and challenge myself as a writer with each new book.

As a mum of three kids, I feel alarmed at how technology is taking over our lives and I’m constantly baffled by those who spend their lives glued to their phones.  That said, adults are even worse (myself included), so last year we wrote ‘Switch It Off’, a fun activity book designed to inspire people to spend less time on line and more time connecting face to face.

As well as writing, I work with authors on their manuscripts and help them edit their work.  I know how much of a dream it was to have my first book, ‘It Could Be You’ published by Orion nearly 20 years ago now and I love to nurture and inspire new writers

My blog on the home page of this site, originally called ‘mumwritesbooks’ was named a top ten mummy blogs site for The Saturday Times in 2014.  It’s a sporadic insight into my life as a writer and all the various things I do.

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