Julie Roberts

Website:  www.julieroberts.me.uk

Facebook:  julierobertsauthor

Twitter:  @julieoroberts

I have been a writer since I was fifteen years old. I loved my English literature lesson when we were told to write a composition. Most times we were given a theme. But my favourite time was when I had a blank page and could write what I pleased – adventures in wild jungles, ancient castles, Cornish smugglers’ coves, capturing foreign spies and out-witting aliens from space.

Now, I write Romantic Historical novels set in the Georgian/Regency era – a dashing hero rescuing a spirited heroine from the wicked Spanish sea captain.

My serious writing started with short stories and winning several competitions. Then I wondered, could I do a novella, before finally progressing to a full-length novel. All this had been experimenting with genre – love, crime, mystery, fantasy, sci-fi and then historical – and here I found my niche – historical romance set in a time long ago. And I love getting lost in the research.

I am a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association. At their Golden Anniversary Conference year, I was thrilled to achieve third place in the Elizabeth Goudge annual writing award.

My busy life is not only writing novels. I give talks to social, church and WI groups, and volunteer for my local Air Ambulance unit and donate a percentage of my fee annually – they cover the airways of Berks-Oxon-Bucks. I play bowls all year round and for the past ten years, I have been a member of Reading Writers’, the oldest writing group in Reading, founded in 1949.



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