June Gadsby



Born in her grandparent’s old miner’s cottage in north-east England, June Gadsby’s life has been as interesting as any published saga. Leaving school at fifteen without qualifications, she pushed herself beyond the expectations of her family.

Her teachers realised her talent as an artist, but were surprised when she announced, at the age of eight, that she intended to become an ‘author’. More than once she heard the words of her strict grandmother: “You’ll never make it…” Her mother thought that June’s writing was ‘an unsociable little hobby’.

But June refused to lose sight of her ambition. On leaving school she started work as an office junior, taught herself shorthand and typing and became a secretary, eventually attaining one of the highest posts as Executive Medical/Administrative Assistant, at Newcastle University.

It wasn’t until she wrote about her years of rejection for a Writer’s magazine that she was noticed by a literary agent who offered to help. During the next ten years she had over 20 books published. It had taken half a century to succeed and June’s dream continues as strong as ever with new, more exciting storylines that are filling up her ‘to be written’ file.


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