Karen Naylor

Website: karennaylor.blogspot.com

Facebook: karen.naylor

Twitter: @KarenNaylor2

Instagram: @darcywinchester7

Based in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, England, Karen Naylor writes romance with heart. She hopes to make her readers laugh along with her characters highs and lows, empathise with the heroine, fall a little in love with the hero and savour the happy ever after.

Christmas Evie is Karen’s first published novel and she is an author with US publisher Champagne Book Group.

Karen enjoyed writing Christmas Evie as she got to draw humour from her own experiences, Italian ancestry and her love of Christmas (born in early December, she couldn’t wait for Christmas even then despite her due date of Christmas Day).

Capri is her favourite place in the world and she can’t wait to visit again soon.

For many years she’s run a free Writers Group at her local library and writing workshops at a community tea room. In 2015 & 2016 she set up and ran the Cleckheaton Literature Festival to help save the local library service and raise literacy levels of children in the area.

Karen would like to connect with any fans of the novel on her social media platforms.

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