Kirsty Eyre


Facebook:  kirstyjaneeyre

Twitter:  @kirstyjaneeyre

Instagram:  @eyre.kirsty

Kirsty Eyre is the winner of the inaugural Comedy Women in Print award (2019). Her debut novel, Cow Girl is out Summer 2020. She loves tea and hates her big toes.

She is threatening to wear a cow onesie in a bid to online launch Cow Girl, her debut novel during lockdown. She sends love and solidarity to everyone around the world. If you’re having a bad day, drink tea and give yourself a break..

Her writing credits include several comedy stage plays receiving great acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Originally from Yorkshire, she now lives in South East London with her partner and two children.

COW GIRL is her debut novel. She is currently writing a comic novel about three sisters with Goddesses of Barnsley as the working title.

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