Liz Hurley


Facebook:  theotherlizhurley

Twitter:  @hello_hurley

Instagram:  @liz_hurley_writes

When Liz grew up she wanted to be an underwater archaeologist or an astronaut but ended up in a library. Everyone laughed as she is not a naturally quiet person, but she loved it.

She went on to become a professional librarian for the money and the glamour. Not finding quite enough of either she set up a bookshop with her husband.  She didn’t find much there either, so she started to write. Now Liz has loads of money and glamour, but only in the pages of her books! In the meantime, she dives and looks at the stars.

She is also the author of the popular “Cornish Walks” series and owner of Hurley Books, Mevagissey.


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