Lizzie Lane

Facebook: LizzieLane.9847

Twitter: @baywriterallat1

Instagram:  @baywriterallatsea

Lizzie Lane has written more than fifty books in various genres, which is a bit like her life. She has bred, trained and shown Irish Setters; worked in a variety of dead end jobs feeling she was a square peg in a round hole; owned and run a bed and breakfast and a pub; worked for the Home Office and still felt like a lost soul.

She finally got into writing when she was in her early forties, starting with writing the instructions for flat pack kitchens. Her first book was published by Virgin (one of those first naughty Black Lace books). She then went on to write historical sagas and cosy crime, plus a weekly column for the Western Daily Press even after it was taken over by the Daily Mail. Lizzie also won the BBC New Writers’ Initiative for a short play.

She has also ghosted for a number of celebrities, but in her own books specialise in World War Two,  although nothing is set in stone. Creativity wanders and where it wanders the pen (or the Apple Mac) is sure to follow. Who knows what she might write next?

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