Louisa Leaman

Website: www.louisaleaman.com

Facebook: LouisaLeamanAuthor

Twitter: @louisaleaman

Instagram: @louisaleaman

Thanks for looking me up. I write uplifting contemporary fiction that combines romance, mystery, emotion, humour, a sense of the past and a touch of magic.

My books are strongly influenced by my love of art and design, and my work writing/researching for the Victoria & Albert Museum. You’ll see wonderful things such as vintage wedding dresses, heirloom jewellery and decadent Art Deco interiors making their mark in my stories.

My debut, THE PERFECT DRESS, has been published in the UK by Penguin Random House, and in the US by Sourcebooks (as ‘The Second Chance Boutique’), as well as in Germany, Italy and Spain. My second novel, MEANT TO BE, will be published in October 2020.

Before becoming a full-time writer, I used to work as a special needs teacher. I have three children and live in London. When I’m not writing, my interests are painting, gardening, running, eating and anything vintage.

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