Louise Fein

Website: www.louisefein.com

Facebook: louisefeinauthor

Twitter: @FeinLouise

Instagram: @louisefeinauthor

I have always wanted to be an author. Much of my childhood was spent with my nose in a book, or escaping everyday life in the vastly more interesting world of my imagination.

I have always loved to write, but initially just as a hobby, as I needed to earn a living and I never once considered it could be a career.

After I finished university, I took some time out to travel, qualified as a lawyer and worked in finance. Life became busy with a career, husband and three children and I had little time for writing. But the bug wouldn’t leave me alone so I took an evening class, and then a master’s degree in creative writing, aimed at writing a first novel. I went home and told my husband with a sigh. Go for it, he said. I didn’t hesitate. I’ll give myself a year, I thought, certain I could get a novel written in that time, and then go back to my job.

The year turned into a few, but the result was People Like Us! I’ve not looked back. I’m incredibly lucky in that I have a supportive spouse and am now able to write full time.

I live in Surrey with my husband, children and small dog Bonnie, who is the best writing companion I could ask for. Always at my side, she listens most patiently when I need to talk through a tricky plot problem.

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