Lynne Pardoe


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My name is Lynne Pardoe and my books are unusual because they all feature social work. It’ll be no surprise to hear that I worked in the job for over thirty years. When I tell people what I’m writing about they’re often horrified, they say the books must be so gloomy, and are surprised that my stories are quite upbeat. It’s a very misunderstood job. There are many happy endings, along with stormy dramas and moving moments along the way. People can end up in difficult situations through no fault of their own and we help resolve some awful problems.

I think of my novels as stories with heart, because they’re all very touching. Some of my work is case studies, that is, the story of one person’s involvement with a social worker. Some are novels just like any other, with a whole cast of characters and all sorts of things happening to them. They’re based on true stories but they are fiction, I change some events, settings and names to ensure no one would ever recognise their own life. That doesn’t stop them being very lifelike though.

Social work is an amazing job, you get to work with people through some of the most challenging parts of their lives. The feeling of having had the courage to help someone at their lowest point is amazing. Try one of my books and step straight into my shoes!!


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