Mandy Robotham

Facebook:  Mandy-Robotham-Author-and-Midwife

Twitter:  @mandyrobothamuk

Instagram:  @robothammandy

Mandy Robotham was born and raised in North London, before becoming a journalist on newspapers and magazines, then enticed by the birth of her first son into becoming a midwife. Twenty years and many births later she is now a full-time writer, fulfilling a dream since childhood of holding her own book in a grubby, little hand.

Mandy’s first novel ‘A Woman of War’ was published by Avon in 2018, followed by ‘A Secret Messenger’ in 2019. She feels there are many more tales still ‘in there’.

When she’s not writing in a range of beloved Stroud coffee shops, Mandy is a plodding gym-goer, a lover of typewriters, and a knitter of what her children call ‘strange things.’

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