Margaret Blake


Facebook: margaret.blake1

Twitter:  @MargaretBlake

Instagram:  @margareeblake

I have published twenty-five romantic and historical romantic novels. My first novel, A Sprig of Broom, was published in 1978 by Robert Hale and I published several other novels with them. In the late nineties I started to write for an American company – Whiskey Creek Press – and as well as romance and historical I dipped my feet into romantic thrillers. I also returned to Robert Hale and published three more romantic thrillers with them.

As a new venture I am re-publishing some of my later novels with Endeavour Press and am particularly excited about a series of “Peterloo” novels they will be re-issuing. As 2019 will be the 200th anniversary of Peterloo it is particularly relevant.

I have been struggling to write since I lost my husband but now feel I am getting back into gear – only 20,000 words to go to write “the end!”

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