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I’m a British author who grew up all over the world. My parents were diplomats, so we were posted to all of the corners of the earth and it was a blast. Some wouldn’t seem so awesome if you heard about them, but my parents always made it a fun experience and it molded my brother and I into who we are today.

I live in Wiltshire in the west of the UK. At random times of the day, I’ll hear a moo from the fields around me, or get a whiff of that…uhhh…’country air’, and I love it! I might not have grown up in the UK, but I’m a British girl to the bone.

I’m a single mother with a son who is now in his teenage phase. He’s awesome and has a personality and sense of humor that I can only attribute to my family. We’re slightly bonkers!

Writing is something I’ve always done. I had a teacher in 3rd grade who set us the task of writing a story and making it into a book every weekend. After I left school, I kept this up and wrote as often as I could. This evolved into me taking the plunge and publishing my first book in 2016 and I’ve been typing ever since.

I’m proud to be an Indie Author, and I absolutely love writing my Providence characters and the more complex ones in my other series. So long as it has an HEA I’ll do it


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