Melodie Trudeaux



Twitter:  @MelodieTrudeaux


Melodie Trudeaux loves life, books and horses. She is a creative artist with a passion for numbers and space travel. Her books and short stories tend towards science-fiction, fantasy and horses with all the romance that those worlds entail. She hasn’t been for a ride on a spaceship yet, but she lives in hope.

Melodie’s favourite place to eat breakfast is Quincy Market in Boston; her favourite place to eat chocolate is anywhere as long as the chocolate is Belgian; and her favourite city to explore is Nairobi. One day she would love to visit the moon, but she isn’t holding her breath on that one.

Jack the Horse is the central character in her novels which have an equine lean, but when she dons her short story hat, she ventures as far as the muse leads her.

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