Silvia Sbaraini


Facebook: Silvia Sbaraini

Twitter: @SilviaSbaraini

Instagram: @silviasbaraini1

Silvia was brought up in a seaside town on the south coast of England by her mother and grandmother; she now lives in Kent. Silvia has two daughters, two stepdaughters and three granddaughters. With an abundance of women and girls in her life, it’s not surprising that female relationships, family, love and friendship are frequently the focus of Silvia’s writing.

Silvia writes short stories and novels. She has an MA in Creative Writing and teaches at the Open University. Your Move – a romantic comedy – was published by Lume Books in 2017, under the name Silvia Forrester. Her latest novel, Gina’s Therapy, was published by Mercier Press in 2020, under the name Silvia Sbaraini.


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