Sue Wilsher

Sue Wilsher writes historical saga fiction.  Her debut novel When My Ship Comes In, published by Sphere at Little, Brown, is set in 1950’s Essex.  It is the story of a docker’s wife and her family and their chance for a new life when they move to a factory town.

Sue grew up in South Essex near a shoe factory and the Thames estuary.  The shoe company housed its workers, including Sue’s grandparents and mother.

After studying experimental psychology at the University of Sussex, Sue did a PhD in psychophysiology at the University of Westminster followed by a research fellowship at University College London where she worked in a research group performing experiments in the human stress lab.  Other jobs have included working in a cardboard box factory and a call centre.

Sue now lives in Kent with her husband and two children.  Her literary agent is Laura Longrigg at MBA.

You can find her on Twitter :  @SueWilsher


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