Susan Jones

Facebook:  Suzywriter

Twitter:  @Jonessuzy


Susan has been a bookworm since the age of seven when she realized the pleasure of escaping into another world.

Writing stories was her favorite subject at school, or time spent in the library. She enjoyed tennis, but only to whack the ball over the high fence to see how far it would go. Often in trouble for hanging around, she wrote about that in the story for the seventies e-book listed here, along with three other writers.

Poetry is an indulgent treat, and her own collection is put together in Suzy Doodling.

She left home at eighteen and escaped to North Wales, where she met the man of her dreams. He was so special, she married him twice, the second time in a windmill, in North Norfolk, with their three children present. A windmill story is in the Redington collection, published this year.

Among the many jobs she’s had are, office clerk, receptionist, call center advisor, waitress, cleaning caravans on the North Wales coast, traipsing round hotels selling flowers, working on a market stall, and having a shop with her husband. She’s also had cleaning jobs on a building site and in a supermarket. She is working on being a full-time writer.

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