V.C. Lancaster

Website:  vclancasterblog.wordpress.com

Facebook:  VCLancaster

Twitter:  @VC_Lancaster

V.C. Lancaster moved to Norwich to attend the University of East Anglia where she received a BA in American Studies. She fell in love with the city and has lived there ever since. She has worked as a receptionist at a hotel as well as the local Citizen’s Advice Bureau, in retail as part of the city’s vibrant tourist industry, and as an office temp.

She self-published her first novel, Ruth’s Bonded, in 2015 and has gone on to a successful career thanks to Kindle Direct Publishing. She paired her own working experiences with her love for office romance stories in her second series, Office Aliens.

Lancaster now writes full-time from home, doing her best to keep up with the multi-faceted demands of a self-publishing career, which has something new to teach her every day.

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