Zelah Roberts

Website: Zelahroberts.com

Facebook: zelah.roberts

Twitter: @ZelahRoberts

Instagram: @zelahroberts

The Normal

Zelah Roberts can usually be found with her head in a book, and more often than not, that book will be a romance. Writing a novel was always her number 1 ambition, and eventually, with the help of the RNA’s wonderful New Writers’ Scheme, Midsummer Man became a reality.

When not absorbed in the latest enthralling page turner, Zelah enjoys cooking for family and friends and walking walks in the beautiful English countryside. She is a member of the RNA and is working towards an MA in Creative Writing.

Zelah lives in Durham, UK, with her partner and son.

The Weird

Now that the normal stuff is out of the way, here are some little-known but absolutely true facts that she rarely admits to in public. Zelah Roberts:

  • had 8 pet hamsters as a child, all called Henry. When Henry VIII died, she got a cat.
  • once received a Valentine’s Day card from an admirer who described her as ‘a good egg’ (and it wasn’t a yolk)!
  • loves Scotland. The accents. The bonhomie. The Kilts. Outlander. Say no more!
  • has a serious hot tea addiction. What is life without a good strong brew to keep you going? Cuppa, anyone?
  • collects books signed by the author. There’s something magical about knowing an author has held that very book and written in it.
  • Once lived on the Isles of Scilly. These stunning islands, once reputed to be part of the lost kingdom of Lyonesse, feature in many of her stories.


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