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by Nikki Perry (Author), Kirsty Roby (Author)
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For years, Tessa’s life revolved around her husband and her children. After her marriage ended she focused on starting her own business, one that involves her love of food.

But lately things have been weighing her down. Her marketing skills are dire and she needs to enlist some help. If it results in the chance to have a fling with a sexy photographer, even better.

Except, when he turns out to be her children’s teacher and then becomes sort of related, things start to get complicated.

Eleni is exhausted by life. She’s at the end of her tether with work, a sick mother, lazy husband and a high needs child. The only thing that makes her happy is cooking. She feels like she’s spiralling out of control and she’d kill for a break. Only not literally!

Abigail just wants to become a professional athlete, find a boyfriend and get her licence. Oh and lose some weight so she looks more like her best friend Maddy. She does NOT want her mother to date Mr Bacon, the hot media teacher from school.

Can they all have their cake and eat it too?