Romantic Novelists' Association

Privacy Policy

The Romantic Novelists’ Association (RNA) holds personal information and contact details about association members, and, on occasion, about other individuals who might come into contact with the association eg. through purchasing tickets to an event, applying for a bursary administered by the RNA or being entered into an award administered by the RNA.

Data we hold about our members is used to fulfil our membership contract. This includes:

If you provide personal data to the RNA in another context e.g. through entering our awards or purchasing tickets to our events, your data will only be used to fulfil our contract with you in regard to that specific event.

If we need to use your data for any other purpose explicit consent will be sought in advance.

Data is shared with third parties where that is necessary to fulfil our contracts. This includes the provision of member-only web services and the maintenance of the RNA accounts. Third parties who have access to data held by the RNA are not authorised to share that data further, and are not authorised to use the data for any purposes outside of their contract with the RNA.

The RNA is keen to be clear and transparent about how the data we hold is used. If you have any queries about any of the RNA’s privacy or data protection policies, or if you would like to view or amend the data the RNA holds about you please contact