Romantic Novelists' Association

Two reservations, two rivals, one room. What could go wrong?

In the bustling world of high street bookselling, Annabel is battling to keep her small branch afloat in the shadow of the larger local store, which happens to be run by her sworn rival, Liam. But just as corporate restructuring jeopardizes Annabel’s treasured childhood bookstore, she finds herself unexpectedly double booked in a Corfu villa with the last person she wanted to encounter.

Caught between loyalty to her dreams and an unexpected bond, Annabel must navigate a sea of uncertainty to save not only her beloved bookshop but also the fragile connection she’s forged with Liam. Will the mystery messages she discovers in a second-hand copy of her favourite book be the answer?

In a summer filled with misunderstandings, hidden truths, and heartfelt confessions, she’ll discover that sometimes, the greatest stories are found between the pages of a book.