Romantic Novelists' Association

1941. Whilst London is battered by air raids, Felicity “Fliss” Carmichael has troubles of her own. Still reeling from catching her fiancé cheating, she flees to her childhood home at St. Winifred’s Rectory, reuniting with her sister Prue and Hester Katz, a Jewish doctor sheltering there.

Though heartbroken, Fliss finds purpose again as a journalist. On assignment, she crosses paths with Detective Inspector Timothy Wallace, who shares her passion for truth and justice – though not her political beliefs. Despite their differences, an instant spark ignites between them.

But their love faces twists and turns ahead. While Fliss stumbles upon a crime and bravely intervenes, Tim’s investigation into black market racketeering puts him in mortal danger…
In a city under siege, Fliss and Tim forge an unlikely bond. But can their blossoming romance endure the perils ahead?