Romantic Novelists' Association

When bubbly Ruby Hanson lands a job as a flight attendant with Celestial Air, it’s a dream come true. For as long as she can remember she’s wanted the thrill of adventure — and the gorgeous red shoes that go with the uniform!

If only her boyfriend, Richie, would support her. Instead, he tells her she’s not pretty enough to be a stewardess and replaces her trusty car with a banana-yellow moped.

But Ruby makes Bananarama part of her adventure and it soon becomes a feature on her Instagram feed. As does swoonworthy First Officer Milo Fraser.

Milo may have all the women falling for him but the more they cross paths the more Ruby realises he’s not the player she thinks he is. Especially after he saves her, mid-panic attack, on her very first day.

Then, just after her career takes off, Ruby loses everything she’s been working so hard for. Abandoned by Ritchie, it’s Milo who comes to her rescue (again).

Ruby may have been planning on the high life, but perhaps the adventure she’s dreamt of is much closer to home.