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Kiki grew up in New Zealand, dreaming of one day going to Glastonbury Festival. Now, mourning the loss of her beloved Yaya – the woman who raised her – she travels to the UK to follow that dream. It is only when she leaves home that she realises just how sheltered her life has been up until now.

Ned lives an active and exciting life. Well, he did until the accident. Now, he’s woken from his coma, except no one knows. He can hear everything happening around him but can’t make his body respond.

Still grieving for her best friend, the one person who’d known how difficult her marriage was, Mrs Malley finds herself lonely and isolated with only her dog, Wordsworth, to keep her company.
These three strangers are each in need of a little kindness in their lives, and this beautifully poignant and uplifting novel shows us the world through their eyes whilst highlighting the power of human connection.