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Two people hiding secrets. Are they a match made in heaven or will fate drive them apart?

The present day
While on holiday in Cornwall, land of her ancestors, Morvoren Lucas agrees with reluctance to accompany her soon to be ex-boyfriend on a sea-fishing trip. Her morbid fear of the water, despite her name meaning ‘sea maiden’ or ‘mermaid’ in Cornish, turns out to be justified when a sudden freak wave tosses the fishing boat, flinging her into the sea.

Kit Carlyon takes one last sweep with his nets before heading for home and fishes out what he at first mistakes for a real mermaid. Morvoren. To begin with, he thinks she’s dead, but then she revives and he realizes he’s stuck with an unwanted visitor just when he and his uncle don’t need one. Because Kit and his uncle are smugglers, and they have a shipment from Brittany arriving that night.

It takes a trip to Penzance, where Morvoren was staying in a holiday cottage, to make her realize she’s traveled back in time, something she doesn’t confide in Kit. She’s lost, nearly two hundred years before her birth, with no money and not a friend in the world – except for Kit. He, feeling responsibility for her because he fished her out of the sea, decides the only thing he can do is to take her back to his Wiltshire home and put her in the care of his mother and sister.

But Morvoren has a secret. In the museum in modern Penzance she’s seen a display about local smuggling, and she knows Kit is going to be killed in the cove below where his uncle lives. The problem is that she didn’t pay enough attention to the display, and she doesn’t know when this is going to happen. Surely she’s been snatched back in time for a purpose, and that must be to save the man she’s falling in love with.

But can you truly change the course of history, or is it written in stone?

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