Romantic Novelists' Association

Be careful what you wish for… Mum passed recently. It was sudden and unexpected. On the cusp of adulthood, my twin sister, Skye and I are left with decisions to make that will change our lives forever. As identical twins, we’d normally stick together like glue, but anger and grief gets the better of us and we push and pull in different directions. Skye wants us to desert our broken family for university. Whilst I want us to postpone our university entry and huddle together at home with our grief-stricken dad and our younger sister, Jade and try to heal our broken hearts and learn to live without our mother. At an impasse, each of us stubbornly gets our wish. Finding myself alone and without the other half of me, I’m desperately lonely. I need a friend. Someone to talk to. Someone who understands. But, when I find that special someone, I know I’ve made a terrible mistake and trusted the wrong person