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Conference Speakers: Julia Boggio, Podcasting On Saturday 11:30-12:30

2 August 2023

Portrait of Julia Boggio, author, brown hair, brown eyes, white top on light backgroundI remember recording the first ever episode of my podcast, Two Lit Chicks. I was so nervous. What if nobody listened? What if people hated my voice? What if I said something stupid?

The usual carousel of self-doubt circled through my head. It can be daunting to put yourself out there because, as writers, we all know that once you do, people are going to have opinions.

But we also know that it’s worth it when you find your reader—the first 5 star review, the person who really gets your book and loves it.

And that’s what happened with my podcast. I found my listeners. We had fans. The number of people downloading it was increasing episode after episode.

Now, one year on, I love podcasting. I’ve stopped worrying about saying something stupid, because that’s what editing is for. I also have some perspective on what the benefits are of starting a podcast for your author brand:

  1. Reaching new readers: The reason many people listen to an episode of TLC is because they are a fan of my guest or are interested in the topic I’m covering; however, I always make sure to mention my own books and projects as well. If they are invested in me as a host, then they’ll be more likely to want to read my books.
  2. Establish Authority: Hosting a podcast allows you to showcase your expertise, insights, and unique perspective on various topics related to your writing. This establishes you as an authority in your niche and can boost your credibility as an author.
  3. Personal Connection: Podcasts create a more intimate connection with your audience. Hearing your voice and personality fosters a sense of familiarity and builds trust between you and your listeners.
  4. Spreading Your Brand: There are so many ways that a person devours content these days. Your book is in competition with streaming platforms like Netflix, games, podcasts, newspapers, and a myriad of other mediums. By having a podcast, you are creating another way that your brand can get a potential reader’s attention. You can share behind-the-scenes details about your writing process, discuss literary themes, or interview other authors and industry professionals
  5. Brand Consistency: Having a podcast helps reinforce your brand message and image. You can align your podcast content with the themes and values present in your books, creating a consistent brand experience for your audience.
  6. Networking Opportunities: Inviting guests to your podcast, especially other authors and influencers in your niche, can open up networkingYellow and black graphic for Two Lit Chicks featuring author Milly Johnson, a woman with glasses and white and black streaked hair opportunities. Collaborations and guest appearances on other podcasts can help grow your author brand. I’ve met Milly Johnson, Lindsey Kelk, Claire Fuller, Kit de Waal, Damian Barr, Georgia Pritchett, Joanne Harris, LJ Ross, and many many more fantastic writers through having a podcast.
  7. Content Repurposing: Podcast episodes can be repurposed into other forms of content, such as blog posts, social media snippets, or YouTube videos. This expands the reach of your content and caters to different audience preferences.
  8. Feedback and Engagement: Podcasts enable direct interaction with your audience through reviews, comments, and social media engagement. This feedback loop can provide valuable insights and help you understand your audience’s preferences and interests.
  9. Promotion Platform: Have a new book coming out or running a course on writing? You can use your podcast to promote your books, events, book signings, and other author-related activities. This gives you a platform to announce new releases and engage your audience effectively.
  10. Monetization Opportunities: This is very much at the bottom of my list. As your podcast gains popularity, you can explore potential monetization avenues, such as sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or premium content offerings. This can provide an additional income stream for your author brand.

Running a successful podcast is fun, but also takes dedication, consistency, and quality content. If done right, it can be a powerful tool for enhancing your author brand and connecting with a broader audience.

I’ll be talking all about podcasting and how to go about starting your own at the RNA conference from 11:30-12:30 on Saturday. If you have any specific questions you want me to cover, pop them below.

About Julia Boggio

Julia Boggio is a multi-award-winning ex-photographer, who became an original YouTube star when her first dance sparked a worldwide trend in choreographed first dances. She’s appeared on Richard & Judy; Sky, ITV and BBC news — and The Oprah Winfrey Show where she famously danced with Patrick Swayze. (And yes, there is a news-worthy first dance in her first book, Shooters). You can check out Julia’s website here. Her first book Shooters is available on Amazon and her second book, Chasing the Light, will be coming out at the end of August.

Julia is also co-host of the popular book podcast, Two Lit Chicks, about to start its fifth season.