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Dani Atkins – A Sky Full Of Stars

16 March 2022

Dani Atkins

TUESDAY 8TH MARCH 2022 Hertfordshire novelist, Dani Atkins, has won the Contemporary Romantic Novel Award with her novel, A Sky Full of Stars, for the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s annual Romantic Novel Awards for 2022. The awards celebrate excellence in romantic fiction in all its forms.

Dani is an award-winning novelist. Her 2013 debut Fractured has been translated into 18 languages and has sold more than half a million copies since first publication. Dani is the author of several other bestselling novels, one of which, This Love, won the prestigious Romantic Novel of the Year Award in 2018. She lives in a small village in Hertfordshire with her husband, a Siamese cat and a very soppy Border Collie.

She commented, “I am truly honoured to have won this award. Every book shortlisted in the Contemporary Romantic Novel category was worthy of winning and the thrill of knowing readers chose A Sky Full of Stars is something I will cherish for a very long time. A fabulous night for a fantastic industry.”

A SKY FULL OF STARS BOOK BLURB (Publisher: Head of Zeus)

Alex, Lisa and their young son Connor made a happy little universe. But when Lisa dies suddenly, their universe is destroyed. Alex is shattered by loss, and overwhelmed by the difficulties of being a single father to a six-year-old boy.

Then Alex meets four strangers. Two men and two women, who never met Lisa, but whose lives changed profoundly because she died. As Alex hears their stories, he begins to realise the world may not be as cruel and senseless as it seems. Perhaps, after all, the future is written in the stars …


Just weeks after completing this book, I had a health emergency. Life felt very much as though it was imitating art to find myself blue-lighted to hospital and ending up in a cardiac unit. Thanks to the magnificent care I received I was soon back home again. And even though this incident might never find its way into any of my books, it will stay with me for a very long time. Thank you, NHS.


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